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Google has removed 8 dangerous apps from its Play Store, including Bit-Funds, Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin (BTC). If you have these apps on your smartphone then it is time for you to remove it. I have to say that cryptocurrency mining has been attracting a lot of interest in the last two months.

Google identify malicious apps

However, hackers use this public interest in crypto currencies to trick innocent users into installing malicious apps that contain malicious malware and adware on their smartphones. These apps lured users into fraud by promising to make a big profit by investing money.

The good thing is, these malicious hacking apps are currently being identified. And Google has removed those specific apps from its Play store. Yes, 8 dangerous apps have been removed from the Google Play Store so far. All of those apps are portrayed as crypto currency mining apps. These apps lured users into fraud by promising to make big profits by investing money in cloud-mining operations.

What are they 8 apps?

In this regard, the security company Trent Micro stated in its report that these eight malicious apps have been found to have deceived countless people through activities such as viewing advertisements, paying subscription services with an average monthly fee of $ 15 (₹ 1,115) and paying for increased mining skills without getting anything.

In response, the company announced its findings to Google Play. These apps have since been removed. The important thing is that Google may have removed them from the Play Store. But if you already have these apps installed on your phone, they are unlikely to be removed. So, all you have to do is delete those specific apps on your phone quickly.

List of 8 malicious apps that Google has removed from the Play Store:
  • BitFunds- Crypto Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet
  • Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining
  • Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System
  • Bitcoin 2021
  • MineBit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining & btc miner
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud

According to the research site, two of the above 8 apps are similar in that users pay and register. That means users had to pay $ 12.99 (approximately ₹ 966) to install Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining. Similarly, it costs $ 5.99 (approximately ₹ 445) to install the Daily Bit coin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System app.

In addition, Trent Micro said in a statement that more than 120 counterfeit crypto currency mining apps are still circulating online. That is, “many apps that deceive users by posting ads that are not crypto currency mining capabilities and in-use have deceived more than 4,500 users worldwide from July 2020 to July 2021,” the company said.

How to identify a fake crypto mining app?

  • First read the reviews of that particular app carefully: Fake apps will get a lot of 5-star reviews once they are released for public use. But you have to pay more attention to 1-star reviews.
  • Try to enter the wrong crypto currency wallet address: If a user encrypts the wrong wallet address and the app accepts it and is able to perform follow-up operations, then Trend Micro reports that there is a high probability that the particular app will commit fraud.
  • Restart App or Phone While in Process: Restart your mobile device after mining starts. If the Mining App is killed in the background while doing so, the system will forcibly destroy the counter, it will reset it to zero. If so, it means Fraud App.
  • Confirm if there is a withdrawal fee: A handling fee is required for a cryptocurrency exchange. This is relatively more than what is usually made from cloud mining. Therefore, taking money for free is highly questionable, says Trent Micro.

Mohan Subramanian

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