Do You Put Date Of Birth or Name as Phone Password?Cyber Crime Warning?



Cybercrime police warn not to use date of birth or name as phone password. In India, cybercrime crime is increasing, and awareness activities are being carried out in many areas to reduce it.

What is cybercrime?

‘Cybercrime’, also known as computer crime, covers a wide range of criminal activities carried out through the use and/or targeting of a computer or related system, particularly through the illegal access, transmission, or manipulation of data.The public is requested to be vigilant and protect themselves while the following crimes related to Cyber ​​Crime are increasing.


In that way Cyber ​​Crime Police has shared many awareness information with us.

  1. Do not share your Credit Card/Debit Card Details/OTP/CVV/Expiry Date/Numbers etc. with strangers.
  2. Don’t be fooled by fake link ads that come online as Part Time Job.
  3. Fake Loan App-Don’t download and get loan from the website otherwise your mobile will be hacked.
  4. Don’t get fooled by the postal coupons that come with Naaptol, Meesho, amazon gift.
  5. Don’t be fooled by paying money without knowing the genuineness of advertisements for sale of two-wheeler and i-wheeler using website like OLX, quikr.
  6. Don’t buy using websites like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  7. Don’t be fooled by paying money without knowing the authenticity of Army Vehicles Purchase ads. It is completely fake.
  8. Leave Unknown Link, Message, Call, Video Call, Sexy Video Call etc. without any response.
  9. Do not download remote access apps like Any Desk Quick Support.
  10. Fake Investment App – Don’t get scammed by calling a famous investment company over the phone and asking to make a fake investment.
  11. Don’t scan QR Code sent by unknown person through WhatsApp or Telegram. It is completely fraudulent.
  12. Avoid your bank account related charges by using free Wi-Fi facilities.
  13. Don’t be fooled by the KYC Biometric System Update, claiming to be from the bank.
  14. Don’t be fooled by claims of Helicopter Ticket Booking.
  15. Don’t trust Postal Payment Bank KYC Update.
  16. Don’t be fooled if you receive a call asking to redeem Credit Card Bonus Points.
  17. Do not download True Caller App on your Gay Phone pe. Don’t do it, it will hack your phone.
  18. Don’t download unnecessary apps. Delete Unused Apps immediately.
  19. Don’t keep Date of Birth, Cell Phone Number in your mobile as an easily accessible password.
  20. Don’t put your Photo in Profile DP on your Cellphone. You can get paid by morphing your photo.
  21. Social platforms like Instagram IMO should not be used to exchange information with strangers. Don’t get scammed by listening to messages asking for financial help on the account number of people you know through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
  22. When using an ATM card, don’t give ATM Card PIN number to people you don’t know to withdraw money. Once the ATM Card withdrawal is complete, click the Cancel Button. Do not share Password, OTP with anyone.
  23. Don’t get scammed by paying advance money by relying on online employment agencies.
  24. Don’t get scammed by fake link ads that claim to be Cryptocurrency.
  25. 12 thousand fake websites like Google Search & Customer Care and Government Website have been published. So don’t get fooled by using it wrongly.
  26. Don’t be fooled by fake link coming from Unknown Number to pay EB Bill.
  27. Do not download computer software from Email, WhatsApp, Messenger. It can turn into Random Wires and cause your system to crash.
  28. Using Artificial Intelligence you can talk to your friends through Video Call using WhatsApp messenger and ask for money help which is completely fake. Don’t be fooled by this.
  29. Don’t be fooled by a fake link called Multimedia Marketing.
  30. Merchant Fraud has shared many awareness information with us such as don’t trust fake link that comes with tamarind, onion, and garlic at low price for wholesale business.



Also, if any of the above crimes have been committed, it is advised to contact the website and file a complaint. In case of loss of money through the website, the Crime Branch Police Station, and the District Police Office request that you contact the toll-free number 1930 and report at any time.

Mohan Subramanian

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