Increase In Voice Scams Through AI



Artificial intelligence has developed tremendously in a short period of time. While there are many advantages of artificial intelligence on one side, on the other hand there are increasing cases of misuse of AI tools by many people. Many people have been fooled by fake voices using AI tools.


Scam voices using AI tools.

Recently, to mention, there have been a lot of scams using voices in India called voice scams. Artificial intelligence creates photos that look like the original person and are shared virally on social media from time to time. Apart from that, images created by artificial intelligence are trending all over the world as a living person is walking around creating the look and feel of people who are not in the world.

The work done by AI is already perfect and accurate which can’t differentiate between original and fake. In this, the voice is no exception, it is not possible to detect which is the real voice and which is the cloned fake voice. A report by a McAfee company has recently been published that many people have been deceived by fake voices using artificial intelligence, see the full details here.


Study conduct by McAfee

McAfee conducted a study on AI-enhanced voice fraud. More than seven thousand people from seven major countries around the world participated in the survey on ai scam conducted by the company. Among these 1010 Indians are included.

Almost 47% of people in India have been exposed to artificial intelligence voice fraud and have been victimized in some way. It is noteworthy that when compared at the global level, it is twice as much. 83% of Indians who participated in it have lost money to voice scams. Nearly 50% of them lost more than ₹50,000, the report said.


How is voice fraud increasing?

The company not only conducted a survey, but also tried to understand how voice fraud is increasing. Based on that, the details released by McAfee are shocking. There are many artificial intelligence voice tools available today. For these, only three seconds of audio of a person is enough to clone the person’s body. With this tool you can easily clone his voice. How accurate it is that 69% of Indian participants in the survey were unable to distinguish between an instrument’s voice and a human’s voice.

Voice fraud on mobile calls

Voice fraud is mostly done through mobile calls. So, the participants are mostly cheated by invitations from their parent’s husband or wife or children or close relatives, friends etc. In other words, when someone they know is calling, the fake callers are pretending to be stolen, involved in an accident, lost their phone or wallet in a fake ai-generated voice. Some of them have cheated that they need financial assistance for foreign travel.

27% of Indians find it difficult to trust social networking sites and 43% of people said that false news shared on social networking sites is a concern, with various startling reports about artificial intelligence constantly coming out.

Mohan Subramanian

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