What are the Benefits of Restarting the Smartphone Frequently and Which Network Uses the Most Battery 4G or 5G?



Are there so many benefits of restarting the smartphone frequently? – Useful information that many people don’t know. Smartphone by following some practices you can make your smartphone work for a long time.

Smartphone life span

In today’s modern world everyone has a smart phone in their hand. Without a smart phone we cannot do most of the tasks in our daily life. Do you know how to use smart phones which are part of our life for long days?

There is a widespread allegation among people that smart phones don’t last long. But by following some practices you can make your smartphone work for a long time. Restarting the mobile phone is considered the best solution for this problem. Most companies advise you to restart mobile phones frequently to extend their lifespan.


To clean memory and optimize battery usage

By restarting the mobile phone, the memory of the phone is cleared. Apart from that, it helps to optimize network and battery usage.According to experts, the smartphone should be restarted thrice in a week. By doing this your mobile phone will perform better. More durable.According to phone company T-Mobile, restarting smartphones once a week can be beneficial.

Find out which network is using the most battery 4G or 5G.

Over the last one and a half years, more and more people in India are switching to 5G networks. While most smartphone users are using 4G networks, there is a lot of talk about 5G. As the internet speed of 5G network is higher than 4G, many people are opting for it. But many people don’t know which network uses the most battery.It is the desire of many people to have the charge in the battery for a long time. Even with longer usage, the battery life should last longer. Let’s see which network is best to use for this.

Ookla study report

ookla recently conducted a study on this. It has been found that 4G network is the best in terms of battery life. It also found that 5G network phones use 6 to 11% more battery.

The study also revealed that smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors consume less battery even when running on 5G networks. In the test, compared to other chips, the processor reduced the mobile’s power consumption by 31% when catching up with a 5G network. On the other hand, 4G networks consume 25% power.

Why does battery cost so much?

This is because the 5G network is not available everywhere. As a result, the smartphone uses more energy to search for 5G networks. A super-fast 5G network everywhere won’t consume too much battery.


However, if users follow a few tips, they can consume less battery even on a 5G network. You don’t need to upgrade to 4G for this. Find out how.
  • Please keep the brightness level low as 5G phones will be brighter.
  • Some keep the phone on vibrate mode while ringing. Due to this the charge will decrease quickly. So, turn off the vibration.
  • As the 5G network operates at higher internet speeds, many apps run automatically in the background. So, you have to delete unnecessary applications from the phone.

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