Do Not Touch Or Open This Message – Cyber Police Warning!



You can see the warning issued by the Cyber ​​Crime Police. In it, a warning message has been left for the attention of bank account holders. The SMS is sent to the mobile number of the bank account holder as if it were from their bank.

You need to link the bank card details with the bank account

The SMS also sends a URL link stating that they need to link the bank card details with their bank account so click on this link and update online. The recipients of this SMS believe that it was sent from the bank and click on the link to log in.

Creation like Bank Website

Clicking on this link will open a fraudulent Phishing Website, similar to a banking website. It will be displayed in the same name as the bank’s website for viewing. Individuals are asked to fill in details such as bank account number, ATM card number, OTP. Once all these are completed by the customers the money will be fraudulently withdrawn from their bank account.

Bank account, PAN link

No message will be sent with any bank link, link, KYC update. Some people who do not know this are giving information and committing money fraud. Cyber ​​Crime Police have warned that bank account holders are being asked to be vigilant against such scams.

Social networking site like Facebook, WhatsApp

Money laundering through social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp has been a recurring theme. Although there has been a lot of awareness about this, cheaters continue to use modern methods to deceive.

Fraud claiming to buy the job

In particular, we would have heard of cases where people were contacted by email, cell phone and told to buy a job at home and abroad. Similarly on Facebook, we have been passing messages on the WhatsApp about money laundering by saying words of desire.

Fraud as a gift of millions of rupees

Also, sometimes you will receive an email from a reputable company stating that your mail ID has been gifted millions. One day someone called from the airport saying that the customs officer was talking and your prize money arrived at the airport. They will ask us in advance for reasons such as having to pay taxes to get it. We have heard of fraudsters like this.

Mohan Subramanian

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