The former owner of Twitter entering the field. A new app called BlueSky has been developed by Jack Dorsey. It is expected to be rolled out to Twitter soon.


Who is Jack Dorsey?

Before knowing about the blues, let’s first see who this Jack Dorsey is… This Jack Dorsey is none other than him. He is the creator of the social networking site Twitter. Now Twitter is in the hands of Elon Musk and is suffering. Due to this, many people are getting irritated to the point of leaving Twitter. It is at this stage that Jack Dorsey has created a new social website called BlueSky and is testing it experimentally.


What a Bluesky?

Let’s see its technical details now. Last Tuesday, Bluesky launched its beta testing on the Apple App Store. Initially, Bluesky was introduced to the world as a “decentralized social network”. If you want to access the Bluesky app, you must first join the waiting list via the website. Then, you should be allowed to download the beta version of the app from the App Store.


What are the blues?

This is an invite-only feature for now. After a little while it will be available for general use by all.  Now let’s see how it works. Although it is like Twitter, there are some differences. We can share a maximum message of 256 characters. It also has a way to add images. Like Twitter, BlueSky has “post and reply” options.

Users can view new messages chronologically. Although it looks a bit like Twitter, there are some small differences. There is no doubt that it will soon become a rival platform to Twitter. To be sure, many people are interested in using Bluesky app. Here is a report published by Data AI as a proof of this.

In other words, since the launch of Bluesky on the Apple Store on February 17, the app has been downloaded 2,000 times. Curious to know what’s in this bluesky? No… Elon Musk pisses off customers? Not sure.

Mohan Subramanian

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