Zoom App New Features and Updates

Zoom App New Features and Updates


This update of Zoom not only improves the user experience but also the new features. Virtual Meetings feature has been added in the new update. New audio and video features have been added to the zoom app.

New Features and Updates

It also comes with new filters, improved lighting on video calls and improved noise suppression on audio calls. The experience of being in the office while talking video call was unavailable. Zoom notes on its website that the new features will enhance the virtual meeting experience.

Compared to Google and Microsoft, new features in the Zoom app have not been offered in recent times, currently focusing on improving the security of calls. However, Zoom is offering new features to face the competition.

Earlier, the Microsoft Teams service provided video calling with thousands of people. New features have also been added to the Google Meets service. In addition, Zoom is involved in providing encryption and other features.

The new noise setting is in the setting area of ​​the zoom app. These can be set to Low, Mid and High by the user. Similarly you can change the lighting and background in zoom video settings and share with others.

In-Secure Issue Previously

Zoom software automatically gives names and email of user to a system, then used match profile with linkedin. If any linkedin user subscribe that company profile, can view information employer, sale prospecting, location, job position etc.

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