How to Protect Yourself from Online Scams Through Email?



In 2021, while the 2nd wave of the Corona pandemic was intensifying, another dangerous thing was spreading rapidly on the Internet. In other words, sophisticated online scams were staged targeting innocent people who were unaware of the latest technology.

Online scams

There are many online scams especially through email. This means that a mail will be sent to a particular user from his Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other site, in which a delivery has been received by DHL and a request to pay a small amount to confirm it.

Since it is quite difficult to find out whether it is genuine, people who are not very familiar with online can easily send money. Although this scam can be difficult to spot, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure protection from scammers.


Corona period

During the Corona period, many people started buying products online as they would come and deliver the goods at their doorstep. People do not have the intention to investigate any e-mail or text message related to such delivery.

As reported by The Express, the Gmail scam starts with the victim receiving an email sent by DHL. The email addresses the victim by the name in the email in a way that appears genuine. Although DHL was in no way involved in this scam, the fraudsters used the alias to appear credible.

In the email, the user is given a tracking ID for an order and DHL notifies that a package has arrived to be delivered to the recipient. The email also states that the company needs to confirm the address before the package can be scheduled for delivery. Subsequently, a link will be provided to the user to click on to confirm the address.

After confirming the address, they will ask you to pay a small fee as an administration fee. By making the victim pay the fraudster can collect their full name, credit card details and the victim’s address, which can then be used to steal money from the person’s bank accounts. If you have received such a mail, or if you think that you should not fall into such scams, then know the safety measures given below.



How to Escape Gmail Scam?

  1. If you get any email regarding delivery, check its link URL, it will say BHL instead of DHL.
  2. Once you visit the website you will see the same spelling. And if you see the logo of DHL’s competitor UPS inside, you can be sure it’s a fake email.
  3. No delivery service insists the customer to pay an administration fee, so if you are asked for any fee, be aware that it is definitely a scam. Avoid paying more.
  4. You should keep track of all your orders and if you see an email like this, first confirm by talking to the retailer you ordered the products from.

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