How Corona Changes Software Industry?

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Corona has changed the world. What leaves the software industry alone? Job losses and pay cuts in multinational corporations have become a reality. We talked to software expert says about the vulnerabilities in the software industry and the changes that will occur.

Office Space Not Needed

Almost all companies allow employees to work from home. Even the most important tasks that were believed to be impossible to work without coming to the office are still going on today from home. Statistics show that work is done faster and more efficiently as it avoids employee travel time and travel fatigue.

Many companies are banging on with new ideas. That is, you can work from your hometown. The office will provide the appropriate broadband facility. Salary will be reduced only slightly. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. You can work while lying comfortably in the shade of a palm tree. This will not lead to overcrowding in the metro cities.

Digital video and audio software have become hot cakes in the market. Such software, which has been lame for a long time, has become a money tree. Some companies have boosted their growth many times over during this coveted period because of such software.

Opportunity for Women

Another positive change that govt has brought is employment for women. Those who were thinking looking after the child, cooking, taking care of the house and also office work. The opportunity has arisen to be able to work certain hours from home. Many consultancies are engaged in trying to find talented women who do not want to work and hire them.

Mobile Office

Even talented people who are physically disabled and unable to leave home can now work in companies has brought that possibility. Companies that are converting a space in their homes into an office have already entered the market.

Mobile apps are still evolving. Remember there was a time when there was a street browsing center! Similarly working temporary places will come everywhere. Those who do not have the facilities to work from home, or who are traveling, can use such places. These offices will have high speed internet facility and AC.

Those who work from home do not resign easily if they get a job in an office. So the environment where companies lose good talent will decrease. New technologies are coming. Companies will no longer need to unnecessarily build skyscrapers, rent millions, or pay millions in electricity bills.

Mohan Subramanian

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