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Various new features have recently been added to Gmail, Google’s popular email service. These protect the user’s information and provide additional features for email senders.

Gmail is primarily for various purposes. We usually grow a few important things through the Gmail account. Gmail continues to introduce various features to make it easier for their customers to use.

We use this Gmail for various basic needs. For example, if we receive an offer letter from a company that employs us, we will respond to it via Gmail. We will also respond to requests from employers for the salary they expect. We use Gmail for various purposes like this.

Avoid Sending Wrong Email

  • Once you have logged in to your Gmail account as usual you need to click on the icons at the top right, which will show the search list labels in Gmail, as well as various options like Account, Add On.
  • Sometimes we send the wrong mail, as well as two or three e-mails on a mobile phone while locking in from another e-mail address. We can safely handle our mail id according to the instructions provided below.
  • In this list we need to click on the General option. Click on it to display the Undo Send option. The notable thing is that you have to click on it which allows you to choose the sending time.
  • The mail sending time can range from five seconds to 30 seconds depending on our needs. Below that is the last save. Then we can send the test mail and check what we need.

Confidential Mode

Recently, the much talked about Confidential Mode has been added to the Gmail service, provided the privacy of the email sender. This feature was the most desired feature by most users.

Gmail’s new interface is available not only on computers but also on Android and iOS platforms. With the new Confidential Mode you can set password for the most important emails that users send. If you set the validity date accordingly, the email will be automatically deleted at the specified date and time. This feature was very well received by its users.

Mohan Subramanian

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