Google added one more new feature GOOGLE MEET. To join Google Meet video call from Gmail. G suite users can enable features Google Meet video through their Gmail window.

Due to Corona lockdown, many corporate, private and public limited companies make their employees work from home culture. Google Meet ensure that easy, secure and safely make conference, project discussion business meeting, schools & college online class through this features.

Where we find Google Meet

Google Meet- new label section added on Gmail.

Google meet connect more people working and online class from home through Gmail account you can easily start or join a meeting in seconds

Insecure on Zoom App

Recent times Zoom app more popular among corporate for their meeting and project discussion for connecting many people. For certain in-security reason many sectors stop using zoom app. Pls refer below link on zoom app in-secure.

Zoom App In-secure

Google Press Release

Our goal is to help you follow the flow of the day, seamlessly switching between email and video meetings whichever form of communication you need.

2 million users a day where join recently for demanding video meetings among G Suite users.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced earlier this month, that at one point 2 million new Meet users were being added a day, where join recently for demanding video meetings among G Suite users and with 60% day-over-day growth.

How to Start on Google Meet, follow below steps

  • User wants to start video call on Google meet through Gmail,
  • Ensure browser has permission to ensure turn on both camera and microphone
  • Click on Start a Meeting, on new window all details of meeting can be found.
  • Once joined, user can add other people by sharing the meeting code, inviting people by email or phone.
  • If she/he wants to join ongoing Google Meet, users will have to enter the 10-letter meeting code from the meeting organizer. She/he endures permissions for turn on or off the camera and the microphones are already granted.

Sources : ComputerWorld

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