Corona will Spread through the Air



The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that the corona virus can spread through the air. The impact of the corona virus spreading around the world is increasing day by day. So far 3.57 crore people have been affected out of which 10.45 lakh people have lost their lives. So far 2.69 crore people have recovered. Currently 77.85 lakh people are receiving treatment. This has led to a worldwide social space, wearing a helmet and avoiding crowds.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released some information on this. They are as follows:

Corona is usually spread through close contact. People who are within six feet of those infected with the corona and those who are in close contact have a higher risk of spreading the corona. Corona patients cough, sneeze and express visible or very small amounts of fluid droplets through singing, talking, and breathing, which can spread from corona viruses.

The corona virus can be spread, especially through droplets in the air. Larger droplets of liquid immediately fall to the ground, but should be kept six feet away as small droplets can spread up to a distance of six feet.

Corona can also sometimes be spread through the air. These items will be alive for several minutes or hours. Those beyond 6 feet are also likely to be affected. This infection can occur even after the corona patient has left the area. We call this airborne transmission. In this way DP, measles, mumps etc. are spread.

Occasionally there is a corona attack on people who are not in close contact with the victims and who are six feet away. These are caused by airborne contamination. The corona thus spreads in places where ventilation is generally inaccessible.

Some ways to prevent the corona from spreading through the air avoid attending indoor events where there is no ventilation and hold ceremonies, meetings, etc. on the terrace or in the open air. Go to the shops and buy goods as soon as possible. Only talk to someone close to us if they are wearing a face mask.

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