How to Know Your mobile Phone Has Been Hacked?



Now that mobile phones hacking have become the biggest threat, let’s take a look at how to know if our mobile phone has been hacked.

Curiosity about knowing the intimacy of others is the main reason for such a hack event. There are more and more people who know the secrets of individuals and keep them intimidated and get what they want.

Pegasus spyware

Reports that the mobile phones of journalists and political leaders have been hacked and spied on by Pegasus have caused a great deal of controversy internationally. Ordinary people are less likely to be monitored by Pegasus software. At the same time, other people are more likely to hack our mobile phones.

Incidents of money laundering and online fraud have also been reported in recent times. It is not easy to find such apps that hack into our mobile phone in order to hack. However with some signs you can know if you are being monitored or if your mobile phone has been hacked.

Mobile phone battery drains quickly

Does your mobile phone run out of battery lately, charging one day, and 2 days? If yes then you have to be careful. The rapid depletion of the battery in the mobile phone is an indication that it has been hacked. However, before making a final decision, examine whether other apps are running in the background. The mobile phone battery drains quickly even when various apps are running in the background.

Non-downloaded apps on the mobile phone

When you use the mobile phone you may have seen some downloaded apps on your mobile phone. This can also be the work of a hacker or spyware.

Mobile phone performance slows down

Mobile phone speed slows down. Sometimes the mobile phone automatically shuts down and restarts. This may also be a sign of being hacked.

Increasing mobile data usage

Even if you do not use your mobile phone much, its data usage is increasing which is a sign of hacking. This is because of the fact that hacking apps on your mobile phone can use this much data.

Strangeness in the functioning of the mobile phone

Your mobile phone may act strangely. Apps may suddenly stop working or take a long time to run. Many sites will look different than usual.

Strange pop-ups

If you see a lot of pop-ups appearing on your mobile phone screen, it is also a sign of being hacked. Lots of promo links will appear on your screen. Do not click on such links for any reason.

Gallery change

Photos or videos you take may be in your mobile phone gallery. Be very careful as this is a sign that your mobile phone camera may be under the control of another person.

Flash Lite

Does the mobile phone turn on automatically when you are not using it? This is a sign that your mobile phone is under someone else’s control.

High heat

When playing for a long time, it is normal for the mobile phone to become hot while watching video. But, if your mobile phone gets too hot when you are not using it, chances are high that the mobile phone has been hacked.

Text messages and calls

If you see calls that you do not make or text messages that you do not send on your mobile phone, they are also a sign that you have been hacked.

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