WhatsApp New Privacy Policy! So What is the Impact on Customers?



Most people are switching to apps like Telegram and Signal instead, as WhatsApp has announced that users’ information will be shared with other companies.

Facebook, which bought the WhatsApp a few years ago, is constantly making various changes. However, since it is easy to use, most people continue to use the WhatsApp.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp has unveiled its new privacy policy, with the recent introduction of the money transfer facility.Has modified the privacy policies and terms of use of the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp notified users via a pop-up message that the privacy policy on the app is changing. Many have chosen the Agree option to approve the new rules without reading it.

Sharing Customer Information

Accordingly, in a notice sent to users last Wednesday, it has asked for approval to share users’ phone number, contact numbers and location details on their corporate sites, including Facebook. As per the existing practice, users were given the option to choose not to share their WhatsApp information on Facebook.

Unlike previous updates, the new update is something that users must pay attention to. It describes how WhatsApp handles its users’ information. It also details how businesses store data on Facebook services and how WhatsApp integrates with other Facebook services.

What are information stored from Whatsapp?

But this method is said to be mandatory to share. This allows you to send personal messages to people you know, the content of the discussion you are having, the products and transactions you make with Whatsapp Pay, the SIM card you are using, the cell phone model, the size of the battery, the quality of the signal you are using, and the OS you are using.

WhatsApp, which collects many details on its server, including the browser and IP address, and sells it to Facebook and its affiliates.

In this case, cybercrime experts say that many apps are still selling such information.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will take effect on February 8, and users will no longer be able to use WhatsApp if they do not accept the new changes. Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also recommended the use of apps other than the WhatsApp.

There is an anti-WhatsApp mood among users for the WhatsApp app changes. Many people are posting comments on social media that they are going to use signal, telegram etc. as an alternative to WhatsApp app.

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