Google’s Brand New Feature! Is Your Virtual Visiting Card Ready?



Google brings in many new features from time to time to enhance the experience of its users. In that regard, the company has introduced a special ‘People Cards’ service for Indian users. With this feature users can create virtual visiting cards in Google search. With the Virtual Visiting Card, users can share their website, social media accounts and other information on Google search.

This requires a Google Account

This feature displays information provided by the user using Google’s Knowledge Graph. To use the service, the user must provide a mobile number. To create a People Card in Google search, the user must have a Google Account.

This service is for mobile users

The company currently offers this service only to mobile users. This means you will need to sign in to your Google Account from your mobile device to create your public profile. This service is currently only available in English.

Fake Profile and Invalid Content will be blocked

Google claims to be trying to convey the right information to people through this service. The introduction of this service will help identify fake users, misleading language and non-standard content. At the same time, through this service the company is going to control the content that violates Google’s policy by using critique and automation technology. The company claims that only one People Card can be created per account to prevent misuse of the People Card.

How you can create your People Card on Google

To create you’re People Card, first sign in with your Google Account. After this you have to search in ‘add me to search’. After doing this, the ‘add yourself to Google search’ option will appear. Tap on that message. Google will ask for your phone number after tapping. The number should be verified with the 6 digit code that appears on the entered mobile number. After this, Google will give you a form. In this, you need to provide the information needed to create a public profile. Here you will find the facility to enter many details besides your work and study.

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