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It is rare to see people who do not have smartphones. Many smart phone companies in India are launching their new model of mobile phones to compete. But no matter how many rupees worth of mobile phone you have in your hand, if you own an iPhone, it is worth it.

Increasing iPhone usage

Many people think that with the iPhone it will be in the millions. But now the iPhone is also available at a lower price. Accordingly, the number of iPhone users is increasing. Most people are using iPhones. Let’s take a look at the availability of the Apple iPhone.

Prices for Apple iPhone devices

The Apple iPhone SE device is available for Rs.32, 999. This device comes with 64GB internal storage. The Apple iPhone XR device is available with 64GB internal storage for Rs.41, 999. The Apple iPhone 11 with 64GB internal storage is priced at Rs.51, 999. Subsequently iPhone devices are available in various price segments.

Apps are importance

Apps are the main requirement for both android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Everything from various apps to games is being released separately for smartphones to the iPhone. The use of apps is said to be the same but the experience is said to be different.

How to hide the apps?

Although there are various applications to hide the apps in smartphones, there are some ways to hide specific apps in iPhones.

  • Open the App Store and then open the account.
  • Click on the option to open an account with their photo above.
  • Select the Buy option.
  • Once you find the desired application, open it and at the top it will be displayed.
  • Swipe it to the left and select the hide option.
  • Select the Finished option.

Difficulty on face lock

Everyone is required to wear a face mask as it is the time of corona infection outbreak. There is a difficulty in removing the face lock on the mobile phone while wearing the mask.

IOS 13.5 update

An iOS update has been announced to address this issue. Customers who use face ID will benefit greatly from the iOS 13.5 update on the iPhone. After this update the camera will automatically ask for the password if it detects that the mask is worn while scanning the face ID.

Minor malfunctions will be corrected

As previously announced, it will feature the API for Contact Dressing, an app that Apple promotes in conjunction with Google. It has also been announced that minor malfunctions will be fixed with this update. This update is expected to come out soon. The announcement of this update is said to be very well received among the iPhone customers.

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