Do this first, If your Mobile Falls into the Water



If the mobile phone falls into the water, the service center is often the solution. To them, don’t lie about the phone falling into the water. Now mobiles have an immersion sensor. If the mobile phone falls into the water, the immersion sensor in the mobile changes its color as a result of contact with water. Some insurers have the option of refunding a mobile phone that has fallen into the water. But it is necessary to tell the whole story of what happened.

How to recover mobile falling into the water?

Take a smart phone that has fallen into the water and wipe it with a dry cloth. If the phone is still on then you need to switch it off. Then wrap the phone well with tissue paper or a handkerchief. If you have headphones, data cable, etc. to communicate with the phone should be disconnected immediately.

Remove the SIM card and memory card from the phone. Then put the phone in a bag filled with rice. Keep the phone that has fallen into the water in airtight pockets as much as possible. When sealed like this, it is more useful to pack some water-absorbing type in the pockets along with the phone. Uncooked rice works well as a water absorber.

Keep uncooked rice in airtight bags along with the smart phone for 24 to 48 hours. Do not dry the phone with a hair dryer, Very hot air coming from the hair dryer. When this hot air is injected into the phone the weak electronic components in the phone are more likely to lose its functionality.

Also avoid placing the phone near a hot oven or radiator. Avoid washing the phone with clean water. If the smart phone falls into pure water rather than salt water it is easier to fix. However it is a mistake to wash the phone again with clean water after it has fallen into the salt water. This is because the parts of the phone that have fallen into the salt water are already oxidized.

One of the dangers is that smart phones fall into the water. However some lucky phones will work again as before. All we have to do right away on these phones is back up the data we need, because fortunately it is not known when the life of the revived smart phones will go. Do not assume that the mobile is OK. Immediately, take the mobile to the official service center.

Mohan Subramanian

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