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iPhones cannot install apps other than permitted apps. But Android mobiles can become overheated quickly when viruses or other apps are installed on them. As technology has grown, so have the uses of smart phones in the hands of people. Today, we have reached a stage where everyone looks surprised if someone does not have a smart phone in their hand.

And in today’s times, many smartphones even explode due to excessive heat. Many people don’t know how hot a smartphone gets today, and how hot it is dangerous. Sometimes excessive heat can cause the cell phone battery to explode.

For some people, their mobile phone may get hot after using it for a long time. If you leave your smartphone lying down at the same temperature, it means that you are damaging your battery. So, in this collection we will talk about the heat of the mobile phone and the methods to cool it down.


When your mobile gets hot
  • Watching videos for a long time
  • Playing games
  • If the brightness is too high
  • Not updating your apps
  • Keeping it in direct sunlight

Difference between iPhones and Android

Compared to mobile phones, Android mobiles are more prone to overheating. iPhones cannot install apps other than permitted apps. But Android mobiles can become overheated quickly when viruses or other apps are installed on them. So, to avoid overheating of Android mobiles, avoid installing unknown apps.

How to prevent your Android phones from overheating?

Update your apps

If some apps have outdated software or some apps have bugs, your mobiles will heat up quickly. So, keep your apps updated as much as possible.

Avoid Sunlight

Using your mobiles in direct sunlight can easily heat up your mobiles. So, avoid sunlight on your mobiles as much as possible. If you must use your mobiles outside, try to use them in the shade.


Attention while charging

When charging your mobiles, if you place them on sofa or bed etc., your mobile will heat up more without its heat going outside. So, while charging, keep your mobiles in a hard place on a surface that dissipates heat easily. Sometimes your charger can also be a problem.

Close apps

If you are using an app and keep pressing the home button, the app will stay active in the background. So, when you are done using an app, it is important to go to Recent Apps and close it. If you have some apps that you don’t use, it’s also a good idea to delete them.

Using less brightness

Even the brightness level of your phone can cause mobiles to heat up. So to avoid overheating your mobiles, it is better to use less brightness.

Install anti-virus software’s

Sometimes even if your mobile phones have virus, your mobile phones can get hot. If you have anti-virus software in your mobile phones, it will protect your mobiles from viruses.

Use Airplane Mode

If you are a light user of your mobile phone, you can use Airplane Mode or Battery Saver Mode. This will prevent apps running in the background on your mobiles from running.


How do you cool down mobiles when they get hot?

If your mobiles get hot often, it affects the battery. This may cause you to change your mobiles soon. So, if your mobiles get hot then you need to cool it down.

Taking it out of sunlight

If your mobile gets hot due to exposure to sunlight, it is better to dispose of it immediately. If you try to put it immediately on the bridge or immediately in the cooler, it can also affect yourb phone. So, if your mobile phone gets hot, it is better to immediately put it in the shade or in a ventilated place where the heat can be absorbed.

Switching off the mobile

If your mobile phone is hot, you can switch off your phone. This will stop all your off functions and help cool down your mobile phone. After the phone cools down, you can switch it back on.

Removing your mobile case

If your mobile heats up, removing your mobile case can also be a solution to let the heat escape. If you get a notification that your smartphone is hot, you can follow these steps.

How hot should your phone be?

Your phone can reach a maximum of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. During use, your mobile phone may be between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. If it gets too hot, you need to find ways to cool down your phone.

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