WaterProof – Know this Feature Before Buying a Smartphone



Apple Corps has recently been fined $ 12 million in Italy for allegedly misrepresenting the iPhone 12 as water resistant. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Understand these features When you buy a smartphone, you need to understand the water proof features in it.

Here are some important things to look for when selecting your smartphones.


The fact that the waterproof feature is fitted with your mobile water resistant means that it will be very difficult for water to get inside the phone. This technique is used in many watches. Even a few drops of water in it will not cause any damage to the watch. Similarly, water-resistant smartphones are not harmed by water droplets. But that doesn’t mean you can deliberately put your phone in the water for that. Water resistant should not be construed as water proof. Very few electronics devices are truly waterproof.

IP Rating for Water Resistant Phones

Use IP ratings for water resistant phones and devices. Estimates range from 1 to 9 based on water resistance. Those with a rating of nine are considered the best. Water resistance ratings apply only under certain conditions.

Water-repellent technology

If your phones, including the water-repellent iPhone, are equipped with water-repellent technology, a thin film will be fitted to your phone or device. It does not render water on the phone. This film is used inside and outside the device. Most companies create a hydrophobic surface on the phone to protect the device from water, without damaging the device. A device with this technology will last longer in water than a normal device.


Many smartphones come with waterproof certification. This means that the phone is safe in the water. Not only this, you can also use these phones for underwater photography. So carefully check which feature is water proof, water resistant or water repellent in the phone and then select the one you need.

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