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OTT is the change which explored the audience to the bigger world providing easy access to it. OTT is a Technique which is making us forgets the SET-TOP-BOX; satellite pay-tv services platforms which took the place of traditional cable TV that once took the place of DD1 & DD2 long time back. Now this shows how technology is advancing day by day.

OTT Services use the internet for the distribution of content. OTT delivery of content across various devices like TV, smartphones, smart TVs over the Internet. It provides program, original content, web series and many more which you can watch as per your convenience and personal choices.

OTT platform delivers in such a way that next generation TV providing the ability to watch things anytime, anywhere. There are many online video platforms that provide excellent OTT delivery. They had given some feature like uploading, converting, storage and playback the video content over the Internet. It provides an uncompromising video experience on the web and mobile.

Example of OTT Platform

The application what we use like Skype, You tube, Netflix, Whats-app that use in your internet connections to do a video or a voice calls can be termed as OTT Applications. Telecom infrastructure on which you’re using those applications has no rights, No control on the functioning of OTT applications.

Some Famous OTT Platform Providers

  • ZEE 5
  • VOOT

Consumers can access OTT content through Internet-connected devices such as,

  • Desktop, laptop, gaming consoles – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One).
  • Set-top boxes (such as the Tata Sky Binge+ set-top box).
  • Smartphones – Android, iPhones, and Windows, Tablets and Smart TVs.

Components required delivering the content on your OTT platform. Those are

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Online video/audio Player and Mobile & TV apps to run your content on a device.
  • Infrastructure to handle the storage & data requirements, Back-end, Billing.
  • Encoding, Security & DRM, Streaming format.
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect the piracy of your content.
  • CMS (Content Management System) to control your content usage by your audience like Front-end, Web design etc.
  • Marketing Method to make money from your content.
  • Analytics Dashboard to understand and analyze how you’re content Quality is performing.
  • Customer support

What are Challenges on OTT Platform?

Platform Support and Online Video Player

The Most important thing about the OTT is delivering content in a different platform like Desktop, Smart TV, and Smartphone etc. Buffer free player that adapts Html5 capable for fastest video playback functionality.

Content Delivery

We have a growing number of OTT platforms coming up causing a massive competition for the quality content. The content acquisition is one of the most challenges for OTT service providers.

  • Uploading
  • Encoding
  • Transcoding
  • Content Delivery
  • Distribution
Interface and Usability Pricing
  • Whether the platform build with an easy interface to access the media content also that must satisfy the user intent.
  • Another crucial factor that makes or breaks an OTT platform. While most Indian viewers are switching from the conventional TV to streaming websites and apps, not all are comfortable paying exorbitant subscription fees on a monthly basis.
Consistent Revenue

All businesses continuing revenue generation to sustain themselves in this ever-competitive world. OTT faces content monetization due to unavailability of
advertisers other promoters.

Internet Availability

Even though this challenge may not be controlled directly by the OTT service providers, the internet is essential for content transmission. It works directly using internet, so it require fastest internet connection without any disturbance.

Technology Advancements

Talk about technology! OTT itself is a creation of Technological Advancement. The future of OTT heavily depends on the platform moving on with Technological Advancement.

OTT Market Size on Coming years

According to reports,

  • This industry will grow 5X by 2024. The revenue will reach to 160 Billion Dollars.
  • In India, this rapid growth will cross the TV and movies industry too. This industry will touch the ₹138 Billion by 2023.
  • Currently TV industry in India earns ₹ 714 Billion yearly.


In the era of digitalization and having the availability of affordable data, love for digital content and increasing penetration of the internet and mobile devices has conveniently spread by Indian audience it will increase in OTT platform on coming years. Anything, Anytime, Anywhere (AAA) which has turned up as the success key for driving the future of OTT services in India.

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