5G Technology and We Buy 5G Smartphone Now?



The most anticipated 5G technology in India. This means that 5G is the mobile-based internet technology for the fifth generation. It is assumed that it will have many times faster downloaded and upload speeds than the fourth generation technology called 4G.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have heard or read words like 5G smartphone” 5G model “or” 5G supported “whether you turn on the TV or surf the internet since the beginning of this year. If the thought of “we buy a 5G smartphone too” has set in, then you need to know a little bit about why you should buy a 5G smartphone before that?

What is 5G?

Most importantly, 5G has many types that use different types of radio signals to send and receive data, and each of these different types has very different characteristics. The two main types of 5G service are commonly referred to as millimeter wave – often abbreviated as MM wave – and sub-6 GHz.

To further confuse these types, the sub-6 segment can be divided into two sub-segments, commonly known as low band and mid-band. The technical details behind all of this are very confusing, but the main feature is that MM Wave technology is 50 times faster than standard 4G.

When 5G technology will arrive!

4G internet speeds are currently being used in many places in India. Almost all telecom companies offer 4G service.  Tests are underway to bring the next phase of 5G service to India. The test will be a milestone in Indian telecommunications and will also help telecom companies switch to 5G.

The Government of India will receive $ 27 million from the spectrum auction for providing 5G services. It can be said that 5G service will be available in India by the end of this year. Before this, Indian people have been using technology like 2G, 3G, and 4G.

What we as ordinary people know about each of them is that internet speed has increased with each generation of technology. Don’t think that internet speed is only going up with the advent of fifth generation information technology now. We are going to get free technological advancements through this 5G.

As with any wireless network technology, it is important to remember that the development of 5G networks can vary considerably depending on which city you are in. So no matter what city you are in right now, you are still in the early days because all the network carriers in the country are working hard for 5G, so all these things will not happen overnight.

5G Speed

As everyone knows, internet speed will increase many times over in 5G. It is 1000 times faster than the internet speed we currently use on mobile and 100 times faster than the high speed broadband speed we use at home.

  • Browsing Speed: 56 Mbps to 490 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps

We can buy 5G smartphone now!

The real reason you buy a 5G smartphone today or in the future – is to prepare yourself for what is to come. 5G networks will offer some solid improvements over today’s 4G LTE networks, but the real benefits of 5G are yet to come.

However, industry trends in the smartphone market indicate that most people still have very old smartphones on their hands – perhaps even due to the fact that the pricing of the latest smartphones is very high.

But not everything can always be expensive, at least in the smartphone market! So, when it comes time to replace your current smartphone, getting a model with 5G capability is a good decision that will ensure the future.

Mohan Subramanian

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