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sim swap


A woman has lost lakhs in a modern SIM card scam. 35-year-old woman from Delhi lost lakhs in her bank account after falling victim to a SIM scam. Let’s look at how this scam unfolded.

After receiving three phone calls on his phone, who is working as a lawyer, he fell victim to this ‘SIM Swap scam‘ scam. These different fraudsters gain access to your duplicate SIM card in a wrong way and use it to access your bank account and steal the money from it.

sim swap

What is a SIM Swap Scam?

The victim received three missed calls from a certain number. After that he received a message that money was withdrawn from his bank account. What we need to note here is that the victim has not shared any OTP or personal details with anyone. However, he lost the money in his bank account.

This event took place in the second week of October. The lawyer immediately lodged a complaint with the police. He also told the police that he received three missed calls in total and when he called the number from another number, he was told that it was a courier delivery call.

Don’t share your OTP or password.

He shared his home address with the scammers, believing that a package was coming to him from a friend. Received a package as they said. After that, he said that he came to know about the withdrawal of money from his bank account through a text message. He has not shared any banking related details like OTP or password with anyone. However, lakhs of money were withdrawn from his bank account without his permission.

When the investigation was carried out, it is said that websites that the woman had not used before were found in her browser history. Apart from that he also got phishing links and other UPI registration texts.

sim swap

How to be safe?

First and foremost, do not share your personal details with anyone. Do not share any information be it your home address or Aadhaar card number, PAN details etc. When you share such details with a person, fully verify their identity.

Also, if your SIM card suddenly stops working, report it to your telecom company immediately. Also do not share OTPs with any phone calls like bank officials or banking agents.

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