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Many telecom operators in India offer e-SIM service and with the help of these service users can avail the services of the company without having to put the SIM card in the phone. That means you can make calls, data and message as before without a SIM card. However, fraud has also started in the name of this e-SIM service and Rs.21 lakh has been looted from four people in the name of e-SIM implementation in Hyderabad.

What is e-SIM technology?

This new technology used in the Apple Watch is based on e-SIM. Unlike a normal SIM used in a smartphone or mobile phone, these e-SIM users cannot change or exchange. With the antenna on the watch itself, you can connect to the network using the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System radio. You can connect calls by storing the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number and divert the call to the watch if the iPhone user is out of range.

Benefits of e-SIM technology

  • It does not mean that you are stuck in the same network if you cannot change another SIM. A great feature of eSIM is that you can switch to another network without having to change the SIM.
  • You can port this SIM and change the network in the same way you normally port. Thus there are no jobs to buy and replace a new SIM.
  • There are many benefits to using eSIM, especially for car services. Not only this, it is also possible to simplify car-to-car services.
  • ESIM services in India are provided by Airtel and Reliance Jio, the country’s leading telecom service providers.
  • The Apple Watch can connect to the network as an extension of your phone number. Once connected to the network, the watch will start making individual calls and use the Internet to play songs, call Ola and Uber.

How eSIM Scammer’s Implement

Scammers trying new methods first send a simple message that the SIM card will be blocked for the next 24 hours due to lack of KYC update or complete documentation, and then entice users. After the message, the fraudster makes a customer care call and gives you an option to complete the KYC or other required documents on the phone so that the SIM card is not blocked.

Fake Form Receive

A message is sent to the user asking them to click on the link and fill in the requested form. Fraudsters at this time register their email ID with the victim’s mobile number and ask the user to send an e-SIM request to the company. This request goes with the help of the registered email id, which are fraudsters. After activating the e-SIM service, the generated QR code reaches the fraudster’s email.

OTP Available in Scammer

After scanning the QR code, the user’s number is active on the scammer’s phone and the user’s SIM card stops working. The fraudster has already taken the user’s bank details on the form, making it easier to commit fraud. With the help of support details, the process of transferring money begins and OTPs also come to the e-SIM active fraudster’s phone. In this way the victim’s bank account becomes empty.

Keep this thing in mind.

It is important to understand the fraud method so that it can be avoided. SIM If you get a message about any kind of block, do not believe it, call the official number of customer care if necessary. Other than that, there is no KYC related process on the phone, please refrain from doing so. In any case, do not share your bank details with anyone. No telecommunications company requests such data in incoming calls from users.

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