Call Of Duty Has More downloads in Google Play Store.



Call of Duty‘ has become the most popular game in India

At the time when Android phones started selling, games like Candy Cruise and Temple Run were very popular. Due to the technological development of smart phones over the course of the day, live action 3D games have become popular.

PUBG games have become very popular among Indian youth. Now, a sport beyond the PUBG is becoming popular among young people. This game called Call of Duty is a game that you play with other people online just like PUBG. The game, which was released in August, last year, has downloaded more than 25 crore users so far. This game is very popular in India after the US.

Sensor Tower reported this.
  • PUBG Game downloaded 23.5 crore last years and Call of Duty 25 crore in the last year.
  • The game has the highest number of downloads in the two countries in the world. The United States alone accounts for 18 percent of all downloads.
  • During the same period, PUBG mobile gaming was downloaded by about 23.6 crore people and Fortnite gaming downloaded by about 7.8 crore.
  • These downloads include all versions of the mobile game, including the Apple App Store and Google Play. Introduced in October last year, Call of Duty Game has become very popular in the US and India.
  • Users of Call of Duty Game will spend Rs. 2470 crore.In the first two months of its launch, about 17.2 crore people downloaded it.
  • Google Play and Apple App Store downloads are included, Call of Duty Game Maximum Downloads have been made in the US. This is followed by more downloads in India and Brazil.

Mohan Subramanian

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