Happy Father’s Day 2023: Why do women like fathers so much?



Do you know how many meanings are behind the word daddy’s little princes…? Father’s contribution in women’s life is huge. That’s why fathers are affectionate to their daughters.

A person who is responsible for confidence and mental strength

Father is the first person to comfort women when they feel down about something. He will teach courage and mental strength at that place. He insists on something he doesn’t like and tells him not to accept it.


Girls’ First Love

Every girl’s first love is her father. Father is the first man to protect her, fulfill her needs, care about her welfare, and support her dreams.

The one who gave the best partner

When his total love is a daughter, to fill his place, to take care of the daughter like himself, a man looks for a partner for his daughter and ends the marriage. If a daughter has a crush on anyone, the first person to admit it is the father rather than the mother.

The one who bought success

Every father wants his daughter to succeed in her dream. For that, this society will support even if it opposes.


The one who saved me from mother’s anger

Being a mother is strict about some things. Then there will be some scolding, you will get a blow, you will be stopped if you don’t want it. But they will save the daughter from all this and help her act as she wishes.

The one who teaches responsibilities

Girls have seen every problem of father. Every woman is amazed at her strength to cope with family poverty, office work, fulfilling mother’s needs while also taking care of her children with a smile on her shoulders. Every girl thinks of father as her role model after seeing him. He understands the responsibilities of the way.


Some Jokes Shared

Secrets between fathers and daughters are the cutest. Every now and then the taunts and jokes made by the two of them make the mother angry. That and the jokes they make only they understand.

Acceptor of mistakes

Father is the first person to accept the mistakes of his daughter. He will try to correct his daughter through mistakes. He will inspire and motivate him. Be it sports or hobby, she will support her daughter’s choice.


What else do daughters want…. Above mentioned are some things. There are many more things. That is why father daughter relationship is always beautiful and deep. If you also agree with this, tell your father.

Mohan Subramanian

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