ChatGPT to Help Lovers… Important Information Revealed in the Study…!



From exam acing to new recipes, they can’t help but call ChatGPT to help them love. The time has come to crumple up the papers for Valentine’s Day, singing that the cloud is all paper after writing a love letter. But a recent survey revealed that 62% of Indians use ChatGPT to write love letters.

Love letter

Since the days of letter writing, more people write letters to their girlfriends with the help of friends than those who write letters to their girlfriends on their own. Some people borrow a poem from a good poet and compare it to their girlfriend. But from time to time, technology is being used as a support and from there they are getting a pass.



In November last year, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, an AI chatbox powered by artificial intelligence. This ChatGPT is entertaining the netizens by giving a clear answer to various questions. From passing a medical exam to new recipes, you can’t help but call it love.

McAfee recently conducted an innovative survey of 5,000 people in nine countries titled ‘Modern Love’. It asks how AI and the internet can help express their love. 62 percent of respondents said they plan to use ChatGPT to write love letters. The number of Indian men was even higher.


ChatGPT writing love letters

27 percent cited that getting help from ChatGPT made the sender feel more confident. 21 percent said they use it because of lack of time, and 21 percent said they use ChatGPT because they lack the motivation to write letters but want to express their love beautifully. But 49 percent also claimed ChatGPT-written letters were unsatisfactory.

But it turns out that most of the letters shared between lovers this year will be written by artificial intelligence. Folks, if the letters you receive are very good, they must not be written by humans. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the boyfriend/girlfriend is a poet. Understand that everything is the trick of our ChatGPT.

Mohan Subramanian

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