8 Tricks Must Know in Signal App!



WhatsApp’s new privacy policy does not seem to be getting the right reception from its users, resulting in an increasing number of downloads of alternative instant messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram.

According to sensor tower data, Signal App is becoming very popular in India. If you’re probably on that list too, that’s if you’re moving to a signal, here’s a list of some tips and tricks that will help you as you enter it.

Well let’s find out the tricks hidden in Signal App!
  1. How to enable screen lock feature?

There is a screen lock feature in Signal app’s settings to prevent unwanted people from accessing your Signal App account. It comes with a built-in lock that uses the Signal of Biometric authentication system.

  1. How to enable registration PIN?

The registration feature of the Signal app is similar to the two-factor authentication available on WhatsApp with a big difference. Two-factor authentication is available as OTP. But after the registration in the Signal app it will remain the same until you do it manually.

  1. How to ‘pin’ the chats above?

The signal may not have the Start Messages feature but it gives users the option to ‘pin’ any chat in the chat window. This allows users to back up to four chats, and this feature also works in groups. But if you delete the messages, then the chats will also be deleted.

  1. How to disable ‘Contact Joint Signal’ notification?

Whenever someone on your contact list joins the signal, you will be notified, and to avoid that, disables the Contact Joined Signal feature.

  1. How to enable Blur Faces feature?

Another security-focused feature in the signal is the feature that “blurs” the faces of an image before sharing it. That is what Blur Pace is all about.

  1. How to enable auto-delete photos feature?

Signal users can set a one-time view limit for the photos they share. Once viewed by the recipient, it will automatically disappear on both sides.

  1. How to Verify Contacts?

The Signal App advises users dealing with sensitive information to check the security number for their contacts in advance and indicate that it has been verified. This adds an extra layer of security to end-to-end encryption.

  1. How to enable Incognito keyboard?

By enabling this feature your keyboard will stop learning the words you use most often when using the signal app. This not only prevents keyboards from collecting data, but also improves data privacy. In addition to the above features, you also have access to many common signal settings such as media auto-download, font size, built-in photo editor, font size.

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