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The Facebook-owned WhatsApp app is not just for sharing pictures, videos and chatting. Pay now digitally This WhatsApp app can help you. In addition, WhatsApp introduced the digital payment system for WhatsApp users in Brazil from last week. WhatsApp is expected to not delay the launch of this in many other countries like India.

WhatsApp Digital Payment in Brazil

WhatsApp said in its statement, “We are pleased to announce that today we are bringing the digital payment system to WhatsApp users in Brazil. People can safely send or buy money from local business without leaving their chat app.”

WhatsApp added that Brazil has more than 10 million small and small businesses among its communities. WhatsApp announced the launch of the new feature, which now not only looks at a store listing, but also lets customers send products for payment.

WhatsApp hopes that simplifying payments will help bring more businesses into the digital economy and open up new opportunities for growth.The new feature will ask for a special six-digit PIN or fingerprint to complete the payment process to avoid unauthorized transactions.

Initially, WhatsApp would support debit or credit cards from Banco do Brazil, Nubank and Sicredi on VISA and MasterCard networks. It is also working with Cielo, Brazil’s leading provider of payments.

However, the payment feature in WhatsApp is implemented through Facebook Pay. WhatsApp also said they have developed an open model to welcome more partners in the future. The company is also planning to bring this service to India that is expected to happen soon.

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