Zoom Plan to Offer Mail Service!



In 2020, due to the Corona impact, many services switched to electronic. The most important of such changes is office meetings. When it was announced that employees could work from home, many companies used a variety of app to communicate with them frequently. Zoom app used by so many people.

In addition to office meetings, many people download the zoom app for needs such as appointments between relatives. Zoom has become a name that everyone uses every day.

Zoom Email Service

In this case, the zoom app is expected to provide mail services from next year. People around the world are now using Gmail’s services in mail services. Zoom mail service is said to create competition for Google and Microsoft. In addition, the zoom calendar app is to be introduced. It has been reported that the tests will begin early next year.

Zoom has already become the biggest competitor to Google’s video app. Zoom’s growth in 2020 was enormous due to the Corona curfew. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zoom is set to go down with new services.

Zoom’s mail and calendar services are also said to be operational after the second half of next year. Notably, the zoom app also belongs to the United States. It is noteworthy that the current market value of the company is estimated at one lakh 40 thousand crore rupees.

Mohan Subramanian

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