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If you want to search for high resolution photos, you usually go to Google. But most photos on Google are copyrighted. The internet world is so vast that the information and details available here are incalculable.

It is not possible for everyone to know everything. But most of the photos here are copyrighted; they are not suitable for use, just for viewing, to know things. You can download high resolution photos for free from the website.

We are talking about some websites like this. Many people may not be aware of these websites. In fact these are very useful websites…

Alternativeto (

Many Chinese apps are banned in our country. Therefore, you can try this site as an alternative to those Chinese apps. Whether you are a user of software, website or apps and want to use new apps or website, you can visit this site once. Here is the largest database of websites and apps. You can search for a software or apps and use it. Also, information about new and popular apps can be found here.

Unsplash (

Recently it was very difficult to find high quality, high resolution and royalty free photos on the internet, but unsplash is a website with excellent and high resolution images. Here you can search and download photos. This is a social site where there are thousands of photos shared by many people. Different categories of photos are categorized here. This allows you to search for photos faster. If you wish, you can give the photo credit along with the images to be downloaded, it is your choice. This is also a great site for searching for wallpapers.

Noisli (

Due to the high noise, a lot of people are not able to focus properly on the task, in a situation like this; a quiet website will be useful to you. Usually this situation occurs frequently in the office. It is a productivity tool that will help you improve your focus and productivity during the task. It helps to relax by reducing unwanted noise and creating a better work environment. With the help of this site you can listen to your favorite background sounds which will help you to retain attention during tasks. It can also be used on iOS devices.

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