Google Debit Card

gpay google car

gpay google car

Google more familiar to customer by their products. Google many products are success like gmail, cloud, andriod, youtube, Chrome, Search engine Google pay etc. Currently plan to release soon one more product GOOGLE DEBIT CARD.

Currently this card on testing process, once completed it deliver to customers. Apple release smart card last year, same like we Google done release by this year. In google card we except various cash back offers and discounts when customer buy products through Google card.

What is Google Debit Card?

Google card is like debit card developing by google we use both way physical and virtual. This card link with Google pay app. Customer can purchase through online and retail by using Google card. Customer can view purchase details , transaction history, Merchant name, location,  balance check, account lock through Google pay app. This Card will have good features and security available compare to normal debit card from bank.

Finance Business Partners

This card branded different bank partners with CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Union on US.

Features of Google Debit Card

  • Customers easily track recent purchase with merchant name, price and date details
  • Connected with google map customer can review store location
  • Customer add or transfer money from thier account to google pay.
  • Through Google Pay app customer can lock the account entirely if card theft or loss.
  • Google Card currently on VISA future it expand other network like MasterCard etc.
  • Google Card designed to work like physical and tap-to-pay digital card on a mobile phones.
  • Virtual Card used for online purchase and payments.
  • Customer can do safe & secure transction and control privacy settings  and notification.
  • Google plan to expand helping their customers benefit from useful insights and budgeting tools.


Google and Apple these two rulers make software and products easier to use and understand by people. Both companies knows customer pulse. Let we check product when comes into reality with plus and minus.

Source : TechCrunch

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