Drinking Ice Water Is Good For Health?

Drinking Ice Water Is Good For Health

With the onset of summer, many people want to drink cold water to quench their thirst. When we get outside and wander around in the sun, the water in the fridge stays intact. This can provide a good relief from the heat. But if you always drink cold water, this will cause many problems inside the body. Chronic physical traumas can be extremely painful.

Let we find out what are the problems when we drink ice water:

  • Drinking ice water can interfere with digestion of foods. When you drink cold water, the blood vessels shrink. Because of this, the digestive function is delayed and the foods are not properly digested. This makes it impossible to get the complete nutrients in foods.
  • The average temperature of our body is 37 degrees Celsius. But if you drink anything at a lower temperature, that temperature will require energy to normalize the body. If this energy is not used to digest the food, and it is used to regulate body temperature, the nutrients in the food cannot be absorbed, resulting in malnutrition.
  • When drinking cold water, the mucous membrane that protects the respiratory tract is affected. If you drink too much ice water every day, the membrane becomes more and more infected, resulting in easy infections and sore throats.
  • If you drink ice water, your heart rate will start to decrease. Studies have shown that if you drink ice water, it is the 10th nerve of the skull and is the autonomic nervous system of the body. It is this nerve that controls the spontaneous activity of the body. Drinking cold water causes this nerve to slow down.
  • If you drink too much cold water, your tissues and blood vessels in the body will be compressed, causing many problems.
  • When you drink cold water that is sudden. The climate of your body may suddenly become sudden. If this happens frequently for many years, your kidneys can also suffer. For the above reasons, we will avoid ice water in the coming days. Let’s keep the body healthy.

Mohan Subramanian

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