Mexican Mint (Indian Borage)

mexican mint

mexican mint
Mexican mint also known as Indian borage. In tamil karpuravalli and Ajwain/patharchur in hindi.It grows quickly with thick green leaves.  We plant indoors and outdoors. Better avoid direct sunlight and more water.

Studies have showed that they can help proven cough and cold especially throat infection and throat pain. One study revealed that eating more than five leaves of serving Mexican mint in a day would heal the cold and cough with in week.

Mexican mint is widely used for headache, fever and skin diseases. This was absorbed throughout body immune system and is good for those suffering from against respiratory, cardiovascular and urinary diseases.

The Mexican mint has a historical Ayurveda medicine of being used for thousands of years.  Rich in loads of nutrient such as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and carotene, it also has minerals that are important for the body.

Find out some of the health benefits it offers which you may not have been aware of:

      • Prevention cold & Cough
      • Boost your immunity (Vitamin A and C)
      • Skin Care
      • Prevents gas formation
      • Anti-Cancer
      • Reduce Anxiety and Stress
      • Against respiratory
      • Cardiovascular and urinary
      • Omega content
      • Anti-inflammatory

Healthy tips:

      • Well smashed leave are used to make Ayurveda tea which is refreshing for daily life. There are also used as ingredients for many snacks which will able to relieve body pain and make whole body refreshing.
      • In vessel a cup of water, add two or three leaves of Mexican mint, tulsi and betel, boil till it reduce to half a cup, then filter that leave. We can give this concentrated water for two to three days to who suffering in cold, headache and fever. This will give good results.

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