In the medical world, cholesterol is seen as a very scary word. Cholesterol causes many health problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain, decreased blood flow, health problems such as chest pain, abdominal pain, bile stones in the digestive tract, and heart disease.

Lipoprotein cholesterol LDL is harmful to the body. Certain types of cholesterol help the body to produce more fat and regulate body weight. LDL-type cholesterol builds waxy follicles in the arteries that carry oxygen-containing pure blood from the heart to the body’s organs.

Liver in our body naturally produces cholesterol. The amount of harmful cholesterol causes more than the amount of cholesterol that we eat and the amount of food we eat. It is advisable to check the body’s cholesterol levels at any age. If you make some changes in your lifestyle, you can live longer.

Attention When Buying Grocery

A grocery store or supermarket should read the details given when buying them. Some products may contain hazardous substances. It should be noted how much of the particular product is transfected. Transfected substances can increase the LDL levels in the body. Also note the amount of hydrogenated oil in chips, processed foods and biscuits. It is better to avoid such foods.

Drinking Water

Maintaining adequate hydration in the body of water will provide more benefits than we think. Drink at least five glasses of water daily to remove toxins, including harmful cholesterol. It reduces the risk of heart disease by 50 to 60 %. It is equally beneficial to lose weight and stop using tobacco.


Nutritious foods like nuts and cashews reduce weight and eliminate harmful cholesterol in the body. Eating a handful of almonds and cashews every day can help correct the harm caused by chips and broken snacks. It also reduces the amount of triglyceride in the body. You can also benefit from eating fiber-rich grains, and pomegranates.


Excessive physical activity is good for health. Household chores, walking and playing can lower cholesterol levels and keep the heart young. Health professionals claim that taking longer breaks can be more beneficial when working longer hours.

Mohan Subramanian

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