Long Time Smartphone usage is Good for Health?

Long Time Smartphone usage is Good for Health?


The smartphone is our best friend at home. It can even be said that the model comes in a variety of forms, and the danger comes in that category. No problem will come if you use any object as it should be used. We often read messages that explode using a smartphone while charging. Incidents like this continue to unfold but we don’t stop our mistakes except to see it as news.

Let’s remember

To protect ourselves from its radiation we should avoid placing mobile phone near us while lying down at night. Doctors advise not to keep it out of reach. Charging overnight is dangerous. There is also a chance of overheating and exploding over a level. Seeing the phone with too much light in the dark is not good for the eyes as well as turning off the internet at an unnecessary time will avoid radiation.

Many of us are using a headset. Avoid using the headset while charging using the phone even when using a power bank is not optimal. Use the charger provided by the company when purchasing the phone. Also avoid using a replacement charger. Using an inexpensive headset is not good for the phone and us.

Mohan Subramanian

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