Protect Smartphone From Hackers

Protect Smartphone From Hackers

There is plenty of option to secure smartphone from virus or online threats. It’s your duty to protect the smartphone from hackers. Technology is advancing, and the range of cyber-attack is also increasing simultaneously.

Study found that Android phone is more vulnerable to any kind of virus attack than iPhones. The agency claims that once the virus has entered the device it can retrieve notifications about other installed applications and read contents of other applications.

Steps to avoid becoming a victim to this new malware, the agency have also released a few counter measures:

  • Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources like unknown websites and links on unscrupulous messages. Downloading apps from third-party websites may put your phone at risk.
  • Install strong AI (artificial intelligence) powered mobile antivirus. Your phone’s app store will offer free anti-virus software.
  • Prior to downloading or installing apps (even from Google Play store), always review the app details, number of downloads, user reviews, comments and the additional information section.
  • Avoid using unsecured, unknown Wi-Fi networks. These networks don’t need a password to join, so anyone can connect to your device and infect it with a virus without you knowing about it.
  • Keep your smartphone’s OS and all its apps fully updated to their latest versions.
  • When browsing the Internet on your phone. Viruses can be installed on your phone through malicious websites.
  • If you receive an unexpected email or text message with a link in it, don’t click on the link. The link may direct you to a virus-infected website.
  • Put Lock Screen and in-app PIN and keep it locked. Your phone may also have a lock pattern feature or facial-recognition lock.
  • In order to control malware apps is to deny full access for the app used. By disabling the apps full access features such as location, camera, storage and pictures; always limit full access and this is an indication that it is a malware app.

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