What Mistakes We Make When Using Sanitizer?



Nowadays hand washing has become one of the routine activities of everyone. But a lot of people make a lot of mistakes when applying sanitizer on their hands. How they cause side effects. At the same time explain how to use the sanitizer safely.

Applying masks and sanitizers has become an integral part of our health practice in a situation where corana is spreading everywhere. Doctors say it is better to wash hands with soap than sanitizer. But it is questionable how often we wash our soap in the midst of our daily activities. Thus there is no other way than to use sanitizer. The World Health Organization says the use of sanitizer has been on the rise for the past six months.

Sanitizers in alcohol are generally recommended to escape corana virus protection. But triclosan is present in some non-alcoholic purifiers. Triclosan is a powerful anti-bacterial substance. These are often used in pesticides. It can be easily absorbed by the skin, which can affect thyroid function and also the function of the liver and muscles.

However people do not know how to use this.

Do not use sanitizer before eating

Do not use sanitizer to clean hands before eating, because sanitizer contains a lot of chemicals. Frequent use of this can harm our immune system. Avoid frequent use of sanitizer, especially for children. If children eat with sanitizer on their hands the alcohol in it will cause the matter. It can also damage their immune system. A weakened immune system makes a person vulnerable to disease.

Do not use fragrant sanitizers

If the sanitizers are extra fragrant it will add even more toxins and chemicals. Artificial flavor it has undefined effects on health. They cause a disorder called endocrine. They mimic genetic growth-altering hormones.

Causing severe burns

Using this and working away from the stove and near the fire can cause you severe burns. Also, sanitizers are likely to cause you physical harm. It is therefore recommended that you do not go near the fire using a sanitizer. There are a lot of incidents like this. Cover the sanitizer bottle in the car nicely. When in the open it has a lot of chance to evaporate and catch the car.

Do not clean the masks with sanitizer

Do not rinse with a sanitizer when using masks. The sanitizer may stay on the masks even if you wash them in water. It is likely to ignite easily when it evaporates. Otherwise the smell of sanitizer is likely to cause problems like nausea and vomiting.

Here are some ways to keep you safe from the side effects of sanitizer. Some ways to protect
  • Store the sanitizer in an airtight container.
  • Keep the sanitizer dry and cool in the kitchen.
  • Do not use on hands before cooking.
  • Clean your masks with soap and water. Never clean with a sanitizer.
  • Although sanitizer is an integral part of our lives, wash our hands with soap and water, avoiding frequent use of sanitizer.It will provide you security.

Mohan Subramanian

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