Tips to increase Smartphone Battery Life

mobile charger

mobile charger

Day to day life smartphone is mandatory. Can’t see hands that don’t have a cell phone right now. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone has a cell phone. This mobile phone usage increased on all time. Mobile phone initially served as a mere communication device. With these pastimes, they carry a cell phone, wherever they go, with children.

Using mobile phone, playing games, email check, social media, videos, songs, shopping etc. frequent usage of mobile, battery life comes down. Here we have given some best tips to increase your smartphone battery life.

Intructions to extend life of Smartphone Battery

  • When charging the mobile, fully charge without stopping.
  • Disconnect the power supply when fully charged. Do not keep the charger constantly connected.
  • Switch off the Bluetooth after using the Bluetooth feature.
  • Disable widgets and reduce volume, turn off notifications.
  • Use Power saving mode and Aeroplane mode if you receive poor signal
  • Use quality or avoid power bank.
  • WI-FI Turn the switch off when not needed.
  • The Mobile Brightness feature of the mobile should always be turned on.
  • Try to avoid Mobile Ringtone with Vibration features.
  • Mobile screen background light time should be set for as little time as possible.
  • When using a mobile camera, do not spend too much time rushing. If you turn the camera on and off, the charging can be fixed quickly.
  • Some application programs that run in the background must be stopped.
  • App for Warning Tone, Keyboard Button Tone, and some other unnecessary excess tones.
  • Avoid playing games on mobile as much as possible.
  • Disable automatic update on OS and app
  • Do not put animated wallpaper images on the screen.
  • When playing games, Vibration, Music, etc. should stopped
  • Uninstall unwanted or rarely used app


Create a plan for your mobile. Limit your mobile use to a certain time in a day. And for the remaining time, you can mute all notification and take care of smartphone battery life.

Mohan Subramanian

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