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During the Corona pandemic, when the lockdown was implemented across the country and people were stuck in their homes, great changes took place in the world. Work from Home, which used to be just ten percent of companies, has now become a mandatory practice. Online shopping, which used to be just 20 to 30 percent, has now grown to 60 to 70 percent. The use of OTT platforms has grown tremendously as far as entertainment is concerned.

OTT platforms increased in India

The number of OTT platforms has also grown in India due to the huge fan base. Especially OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Netflix, Aha, and Zee5 are the preferred choice of customers. One can watch their favorite movies, TV shows, web series etc. on these OTT platforms by paying a certain amount of subscription.

Due to the growth of OTT platforms, many major movies are releasing OTT. All this costs a certain amount of money. But you can enjoy movies, TV shows and web series on OTT platforms without spending money. Now we are going to see what the websites are for that.


Like YouTube, this Roku site doesn’t require you to log in. All you have to do is download the Roku app on your device. Watch everything including top rated movies on Netflix. Just because it’s free doesn’t compromise quality. Can be seen in good quality. The only annoying ad. Ads pop up frequently and only need to be fixed.


This OTT platform is popular globally. The quality of the videos screened on it is good. You can watch movies on this site for free without logging in or paying a subscription. While we are watching movies on this site for free, we often get a notification asking us to pay the subscription. There will be no other disturbance.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is an OTT platform dedicated to comics and animated movies. Anime lovers are increasing in India now. As a result, some platforms including the popular OTT platform Netflix have now added a new anime category. Since we use it without paying a subscription, there are frequent ads that will test your patience.


Crackle is a site that publishes not only movies and shows but also news related to movies. This site not only provides news about current movies but also interesting news related to upcoming movies. And movie updates are also available here. Since this is a free site of Sony Pictures, you can find movies released by Sony for free on this site.

Tubi TV

This is a great platform for all your favorite movies, shows and documentaries. This site can be used on all devices be it website or app. This too will have some ad interruptions. But it remains a quality platform for watching movies.

Pluto TV

Unlike other platforms, Pluto TV is a website that broadcasts live TV channels programs instead of movies and shows. It streams movies and TV show episodes live on over 250 channels. You can use this site like watching shows on TV as per your preference.

Share TV

Like Pluto TV, Share TV is a platform that screens TV shows. Another quality feature of this site is that, perhaps, if an episode of a particular show is not available, the site will provide a link to where you can watch it for free. Using that link you can watch your favorite shows without interruption.

Sumo (XUMO)

This site offers programs from around 190 channels. No need to log in for this. What makes this site more special than other sites is that it doesn’t come with ads to bother you.


Last but not least is our YouTube. There is no mistaking that this site is almost the first OTT site. That’s not much to say about this site. With YouTube, individuals can watch a wide range of movies beyond the videos posted by private channels. As it is a global platform, movies and web series of all languages ​​are available here. Another more important facility not big companies. You and I can start a channel and publish our videos on this site. If more viewers come to our videos, YouTube also gives us income.

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