Can’t make Fake Videos and Images – Country Introducing New Technology!



Introduces face recognition technology on the Singapore National Identity Card. This will be the first time in the world. In Singapore, the technology has been tested in a bank. The country now plans to introduce this in all services across the country.

Fake portrayal videos cannot be made with this technology. Andrew Butt, CEO of the UK-based company Eyebrow, which provides the technology, said the reason was that the person could actually find out if he was in that particular place. When passing through places like the train station, it will scan the face of the particular person and detect crimes against him and alert the authorities.

Many Country’s Implement this Technology

The United States and China are interested in implementing this technology. Although some banks offer face recognition verification services, this is not the case everywhere. Apart from this, although many countries in the world use facial recognition technology, only a few of them are linked to the national identity card.

This will track where a person is going, impersonation while students are writing the exam, etc. Singapore is trying to make everyone aware with the permission of the individual to implement this. Senior director of the National Electronic Identity Division, said that privacy is not a problem as companies wishing to use the technology do not need to collect any biometric data.

Mohan Subramanian

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