Apps To Help Childrens Have Fun



Check out some of the apps that can deliver quality information and messages for kids.

YouTube Kids

Even though there are videos for children on YouTube, children have the opportunity to watch other videos while watching them. The solution is to use the YouTube Kids apps. The highlight of this app is the parental control that allows children to determine what they can see and for how long. The app will automatically lock if children are watching videos after a certain time.

Nasa Visualization Explorer

This NASA app provides all the information about the changes that take place on Earth and the activities that take place in the Milky Way. This app provides information on how the Earth’s changing temperature causes changes, and how a satellite approaching the Sun can collect information without impact. Animated videos are also provided.

Khan Academy Kid

Khan Academy Kids is a app for children from the popular learning app ‘Khan Academy’. There is no charge for using this app. There are also videos for learning numbers and letters, basic math for kids, and English literature. There is also information in book form. Apart from this, there are many things that children need to learn beyond schooling, such as nature and animals.

Tiny Cards

Tiny Cards app for children to learn new languages. All the information is in the form of a card. It uses an innovative learning method where children not only stare at the screen, but also ask questions between each piece of information, how to pronounce and repeat.

How to make Origami

Toys made of paper are very popular among children. Origami is the name given to this art of making paper. The highlight of this art is that we can make our own toys out of paper. It also gives a kind of freshness to the mind. Not everyone knows how to make toys. That’s why this app, ‘How to Make Origami’.

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