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Cybercrime is on the rise around the world. In that case our main responsibility is to keep our data safe. A recent report indicates that one in four people in India has a weak password.

According to a report by cyber security Company said, one in four people in India is vulnerable to protecting their account.

How hackers theft password?

The weak password on the computer or mobile, i.e. the password can be decoded very easily. The only wall or barrier between your personal data and hackers is the password. If this wall is weak, no one can stop hackers from accessing your account.

This password prevents the theft of your personal data and keeps your bank account safe. However, people do not understand the importance of this; they set a simple password so that it should be easy to use. Hackers take advantage of this weakness. Software for hacking passwords is readily available. It’s very easy to hack the password. But, with caution, you can escape it.

The second biggest challenge for Internet users is having separate passwords for different accounts. One study reports that an average person uses 27 different accounts on the Internet. Social media, e-commerce companies have different types of accounts such as bank accounts. In such a situation, it is difficult for people to remember different passwords for all accounts. So this is the reason why most people have the same password in their internet accounts. Hackers target people like this.

How to prevent password from hackers and what expert says?

Cyber ​​expert Jiten Jain says we use an easy and single password to make it easy to remember. That said it is very wrong. With this, he says there is a possibility that all of the people’s accounts will be hacked together. Not only this, he said that storing the password in the browser is the biggest mistake of the people. Jain said that to save time, we usually “save” the password on any website. That said it makes the job of hackers easier.

According to statistics, about 32 percent of people store their passwords in a web browser. And 25 percent of people store their password details as a separate note or list on a computer or mobile. In addition, 17 percent of people use a password manager. But it is difficult to escape from hackers.

A password of 5 to 6 characters is easy to hack. This can be hacked in just 10 minutes, but if these characters are 6 to 8, it takes half an hour to hack. But at the same time, if the password is 8 to 12 characters long, it is very difficult to hack.

Cyber ​​expert Amit Dubey said that when setting a password, you should take care not to create passwords that include your personal information, such as the name of the place and the name of the city. Other than that, any number, any number, any kind of meaningful character should not be placed as a password, because they can be easily hacked.

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