Covid-19 Safety – Must Remembers When Wearing a Face Mask!



Experts and doctors say it will be a long time before the impact of the current outbreak of the corona virus subsides. Since then, governments in many parts of the world have been leading the way in bringing people back to normal life. Many relaxations are being given in the curfew that is being carried out in many countries.

Given these relaxations does not mean that we have defeated the germ. The risk of infection is still high. We must continue to pursue security measures and social exclusion. Make it a habit to wear a mask when going to public places. You must follow certain steps to be safe. Also be sure to pay attention to certain things when wearing the mask.

Do not touch the mask with dirty hands

Touching the mask with dirty hands like this completely destroys the benefit of wearing the mask. You wear a mask to protect yourself from germs. But you endanger yourself by touching the mask with dirty hands. So wash your hands thoroughly before touching the mask on the face. It is better to wear the mask after washing the face and hands with soap before applying the mask on the face. Perhaps if the mask has a repairing condition, clean your hands thoroughly using a sanitizer.

Avoid wearing the same mask throughout the day

This tip applies to those who work outside all day. Those who go to work outside must wear a mask. So you should always have extra number of mask in your hand. Generally avoid wearing a mask for more than two hours. After two hours you can apply another mask or disinfect the worn mask and reuse. The reason is that by this time the germs may have settled on the mask. You may have a chance to consume it.

Choose the mask size that suits you

Wearing a mask with the intention of “I wear a mask too” cannot protect against corona. It has to be worn the right way. Not all masks are the same size. The mask that many people wear can fall under the nose. The mask worn by some is over the mouth area. Wearing such a mask will probably spread the germs outside when you cough or sneeze in public if you are infected. So wear it perfectly every time you wear the mask. Make sure you cover your nose and mouth completely as much as you can.

Do not use chemicals to disinfect the mask

Chemicals such as Lysol can damage the mask. So do not use any chemical to disinfect the mask. Alternatively, only alcohol spray can be used. Using this will completely kill the germs that stick to the mask. Always keep this in your handbag. It is very suitable for masks like N95. When using homemade masks you can clean the mask with regular detergent and warm water and dry well and then use in a safe place.

Wear it the right way

All masks are made with front and back. The back is made of breathable fabric and the front is made of slightly stiff fabric. Thus the filtration process will be better. So check and wear the mask properly before wearing it. This is especially true for brand masks sold in the market. Homemade masks can be worn on any side unless made with two types of fabric.


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