Lockdown is a thing that everyone talks about but we were living all very hectic situation before the lockdown, this is the chance to reset for us. Lockdown gives opportunity to do, what we always wanted to do. We now have more time on our hands than ever before.

A lock down means that the world, the community at large has pretty much come to a standstill. But although the world is at a standstill life at home isn’t. On the contrary, it is busier than ever before. Nowadays all the offices are providing the new concept for work from home. So we can spend quality time in many ways.

People have access to host of entertainment options like reading books, cooking, gardening, talking to our old friends list, spending time with family members etc.….

What Nature Teaches You?

A big eye opener for all was the feeling that when we disrupt the delicate balance of nature, then one day we would have to suffer while nature reclaims ever before. Life is short and precious, opportunities are fleeting and time only moves forward. Pursuit of money, glory or power is not the point of existence.

How do I stay productive during lockdown?

Reading & Writing

We develop our reading and writing habits. Read any favorite books or author belongs too. Reading boost confident and stress release during this periods. Once technology goes higher like email and mobile we forget, writing habits. We start execute both reading and writing habits.

Home Activity

In our home, we investing some time in kitchen helping my family and cook new dishes , cleaning home, cupboards, dressing tables, ironing, washing etc. fixing long pending problem of plumbing, wiring and planting some vegetable, flowers etc. planting even do it on terrace, balcony and small place around home.

Exercise and Yoga

During this fast world we don’t have time tale care your health and mind by doing exercise and yoga. Now this right time to practice as regular habit by doing small stretching exercise and yoga on breathe and mediation for release our stress. Maintain the work-life-balance that you might have lost due to your heavy work schedule. We will concentrate on your health and maintain the good healthy food habits.


We follow some regular hobbies in our young age, when days move, we don’t time spend on that. We recover and start during this lockdown like painting, craft work, Stitching etc.

My Family

During hectic working environment, we don’t have time to spend with our children, siblings, parents. Playing some indoor or video games, teaching, encourage their hobbies with your children. Use this lockdown period quality time with family and voice call or video call on old, childhood, schools, college friends of yours!

Learning New

If you’re interested with programing, designing, digital marketing other than your current portfolio you can do it right now. Many online Courses, YouTube, articles are available the way to go about it. You could even learn a any speaking language other than your mother tongue.

Startup Ideas

This is truly the time for creators to innovate and push boundaries. We start our plan and step by step procedure with clear picture and execute after lockdown shut off, improve your confidence and your willingness to share great and powerful ideas with your fans that are indoors too. We’ve covered ideas that some of the content creators have shared post the lockdown period.


On the whole, Not Everything is locked down, Sunrise, Love, Family, Creativity, Learning, Meditation. We are in quarantine, but we never felt bored when we spending quality time on above activities.  Take this opportunity to grow and learn. We should have this reset being done, to keep up with our life and see new things personally and also to environment to groom itself, but definitely not with this crisis anymore!

Mohan Subramanian

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