The Young Man Release Youtube Video who Sat Idle for 2 Hours

The Young Man Release Youtube

Corona Curfew While many people are spending time away from home idle, a young man sits idle for 2 hours and spends a certain amount. Mohammed Didit is from Indonesia. He runs a YouTube channel. On July 10, he posted a video on his YouTube page. In it, Didit sits idle for about 2 hours doing nothing.

The video has been viewed by over 20 lakh people so far. While the video was posted under the title “2 JAM nggak ngapa-ngapain” (2 hours of doing nothing)’, questions are also being posted as to why he is sitting idle.

Still others have counted how many times the person blinked in 2 hours and posted it in the comment section. When a user said that Didit blinked his eyes 362 times, many users commented that they missed one blink.

Didit said that he posted the video after his fans asked him to record a video to teach the youth a lesson. Millions of people have watched this video and it is said that he will get a certain amount through YouTube.

Didit wrote in the description of the video, he said,

“Ok, maybe I should share a little bit why this video was made. It all started from the Indonesian society urging me lately to create content that educates the youth – finally with a heavy heart and reluctantly, I did. BOOM, thus the creation of this video but if we were to talk about its benefits, it all depends on you the viewers to filter and that is my only advice to all of you and hope that you will be entertained and benefit from this video.”

Watch the video here:

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