Why do kidney stones form?



The formation of kidney stones is one of the health problems that can cause great pain. Very small forms accumulate, form stones and stay in the kidneys. No one will find this out unless it causes pain. From a stone in the kidney, the problem occurs when it moves out through the urinary tract. The pain is only severe when it causes a blockage in the urethra. Often small stones are excreted in the urine. No one feels this because it does not cause pain and irritation. Only large stones that cannot be excreted in the urine cause pain.

Kidney stone symptoms

Irritation usually occurs in the early days of a person with kidney stone formation. This is an early sign. The color of the urine also changes during this time. Frequent fever and cold may occur. As well as whether there is excessive irritation during digestion of food. At this time, the urine that comes out is as bad as goat urine. These are the early signs of kidney stones. If these symptoms are detected early, treatment will be easier; can prevent the disease from getting worse.

In nature, just as rain and silk in a tropical environment turn to rock in the course of time, one of the imperfections in our body is the formation of stones. Heat is caused by bile in the body. The argument is like wind. People with urinary tract infections should pay close attention to their diet, especially fluid intake. They are more likely to get infections and develop kidney stones. Kidney stones form when defects in the body are affected.

How it will causes

The main causes of kidney stones are usually spicy food, sour taste, indigestion, overeating of meat and eggs and low intake of water.

People with biliary obstruction are more likely to develop kidney stones. Most people who suffer from kidney stones have bile ducts. People who sweat a lot can also be affected. Working too much time in the middle of electronics and working too long in an area exposed to too much heat and working too long in an air-conditioned room can also lead to the formation of kidney stones.

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