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Aarogya setu app developed by Indian government to keep track and fight against on risk of covid-19.

How to install

Aarogya setu app downloads both android and apple.  From android we have to download from play store in the name “Aarogya setu”. This available on 11 languages include English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam etc.

Use of Aarogya setu

Tracking done through Bluetooth & location-generated social graph, which can show your interaction with anyone who has tested positive.

You will be alerted if someone you have come in close proximity of even unknowingly test covid19 positive. This app alerts are accompanied by instruction on how to self-isolate and what to in case you develop symptoms that may need help and support. It will protect you, Family and friends to help our country.

Steps required to use the app are as follows
  • After you’ve run the app, allow it to access your device’s location, as prompted.
  • You’ll get an OTP, enter it and you are on.
  • Choose your gender from the options given.
  • Enter your full name, then age, and then profession, as asked.
  • You’ll be asked about your foreign travel history in last 30 days. Give the appropriate answer. Your foreign travel history, if any, will be matched with that of those who’ve
    tested positive, with the help of ICMR database.
  • If ready to volunteer in time of need? Yes, a 20-second assessment test starts.
  • Are you feeling well? Yes/No, a 20-second assessment test starts.
  • They are asking self-assessment symptoms test like cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, diabetics BP, Heart Diseases etc.

This entire app working in calculation of using Bluetooth, algorithms and artificial intelligence — is the smartphone user’s interaction with others.

What are Main Option in app?

Your Status

In this recommended for how to avoid from covid-19

  • Maintaining social distance
  • Take self-Assessment
  • Check app regularly for updates
  • How to stay safe videos update

Other options

  • Self Assess
  • Covid Updates
  • E-Pass

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