How To Protect You From Black Fungus Infection!



As the corona epidemic continues to wreak havoc in India, some dangerous communicable diseases have begun to strike. One of the fastest growing infections in that condition is a black fungal infection called mucormycosis.

Why does corona attack patients?

COVID drugs can weaken the body and weaken the immune system. They can increase blood sugar levels in diabetic and non-diabetic COVID-19 patients, which is said to be the main cause of fungal infections.

But dentists say that by following some simple dental hygiene rules, one can reduce the chances of catching viral and fungal infections, including black fungus.

Black Fungus

Black fungus is a fungal disease that is most commonly seen in patients who have been given steroids for a long time, those who have been hospitalized for a long time, those who have been kept on an oxygen cylinder or ventilator, and those who have taken medication for other illnesses such as poor hospital hygiene or diabetes. If not treated in a timely manner, black fungal infections can become dangerous.

Symptoms of black fungal infection

The main symptoms of black fungus include oral tissue, tongue, gums, nasal congestion, and severe pain, swelling of the face, heaviness under the eyes, fever and headache.

Here are 3 ways you can reduce the chances of getting a black fungus infection.

Observe oral hygiene

After COVID recovery, taking steroids and other medications can cause bacteria or fungus to grow in the mouth and cause problems in the sinuses, lungs and even the brain. Taking care of your mouth and oral cleansing by brushing twice / thrice a day will help a lot in escaping the fungal infection.

Rinsing mouth

Maintaining good oral hygiene after COVID-19 is an important thing that patients need to do to protect them from the impact of the disease. Patients are advised to change the toothbrush and rinse their mouth regularly after receiving a negative result.

Disinfect the brush and tongue cleaner

Survivors from Corona should not place their brush and tongue cleaner in the same place as others. It is advisable to clean the brush and tongue cleaner regularly using antiseptic mouthwash. This will protect you from all kinds of infections.

Mohan Subramanian

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