Internet Explorer Bids Farewell in June 2022!



With the advent of various new browsers in the computer world today, the number of Internet Explorer users is also significant. This means that in 1996 Microsoft created the search engine Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has been discontinuing support for Internet Explorer since last year. The Internet Explorer service was the most popular browser in the early days.

In 2003, 95% of Internet service users used Internet Explorer. However, with the introduction of Firefox and Google Chrome browsers launched in 2004 and 2008, the number of users for the Internet Explorer service began to decline.

It is worth mentioning that Internet Explorer has been a separate empire in the Internet world since its inception in 2004. At that time, Internet Explorer was the number one search engine in the world. That’s about ten years ago, 95% of users used this Internet Explorer browser.

IE – come to end

In addition, the number of Internet Explorer users has decreased due to the advent of various popular browsers such as Google Browser and Firefox. Internet Explorer in particular began to slowly lose its location with the advent of multiple browsers.

Microsoft has announced that support for the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app in some versions of the Windows 10 operating system will be discontinued from June 15, 2022. However, the Microsoft Edge Browser will be the alternative, according to Microsoft.

Mohan Subramanian

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