Android Google Mobile Apps are Crashed!



Google has almost changed that world. The atom has become immobile without Google. Most people in the world have started to follow Google.The number of smart phone users in India is increasing. 30 Crore people use the internet. 9 out of 10 smartphones in India have Android operating system. So within the next month, the Android operating system will be upgraded frequently.

Users are having trouble as Android Google mobile apps, including Google Pay and Gmail, crash. Google has acknowledged the problem and is working to rectify the situation.

Google apps crashed

Many users who have been using Google apps on the Android platform have been facing the problem of apps crashing today, including Google Pay and Gmail. Google Apps suddenly crashed and tried to restart the mobile. Many people complained on the social networking site that the restart problem was not fixed and that it was a technical problem on the part of Google.

Many users affected

Hundreds of users of technology sites such as down detector and Reddit, which monitors websites and app crashes, have reported problems they are experiencing. Google, meanwhile, acknowledged the technical issues on its part and said it was fixing the problem and would notify users via notification as soon as it was fixed.

At the same time, Google has said that the above apps can be used on the web site instead of the mobile app. The problem is said to be caused by a service called Android Web View, which allows you to view web pages on Android apps.

In this regard, Samsung has suggested that they can uninstall the web View update and restart their mobile. Apps such as Gmail and Google Pay have suddenly crashed, causing inconvenience to tens of thousands of users.

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